Top Cleaning Products for your Car’s Interior


Our pick: Meguiars Mirror Glaze Professional Vinyl & Rubber Cleaner/Conditioner.
Price range: £6 – £13

The dashboard in your car is possibly the easiest section of your car to keep clean, but more than this, it’s the bit which is on show. You, as a driver will be looking at the dashboard every single time you get in your car, it can’t be missed, as will the passengers in the front and back seats, so it’s best to keep it sparkling.

This product aims to remove any dirty marks, such as fingerprints and leave a long-lasting finish. The cleaner/conditioner does this by carefully moisturising the layer and aims to protect the coat. You can use this on both the exterior and interior of your car, but it works best on the dashboard and for the price, you can’t really complain. When cleaning your car, you need it to stay clean for as long as possible, luckily this cleaner does exactly that. A month on, you’ll still see the shine.

Our pick: Autoglym Fast Glass
Price range: £4 – £9

When it comes to cleaning windows, it can be quite an annoying task as you’ve got to deal with constant streaks. But is there a product that makes this easier for us? All you need is a microfiber cloth and the Autoglym Fast Glass spray. It’s simple to use, all you need to do is spray the cleaner on the area of the windscreen which needs cleaning, then wipe off using the cloth.

The best thing about this cleaning product is that it doesn’t leave any streaks unlike the other cleaning products. As well as this, it aims to keep your window clean for a good length of time, this way you don’t have to keep going over it and wasting unnecessary time.

Our pick: Auto Glym Hi-Foam Interior Shampoo
Price range: £2.50 – £11

Keeping the seats of your car clean is easily the hardest task when it comes to keep the whole of your car clean for the top reason – it’s being used every day, with drinks and food constantly being spilled.

This cleaning product aims to remove all of the stains, including coffee and other drinks and make your seats look as good as new. You don’t have to be driving around with that red stain from the drink you had a week ago and with its low price, it won’t be breaking the bank. Remember, a little goes a long way – you don’t need to smother the seat with this product.

Audis, BMW’s and Volkswagens are known for having up-market interiors and they’re also the best lease cars in the UK. Treat yourself to a fancy ride and keep it clean with this interior shampoo. If you’re looking to travel down the leasing route of things, check out PCP deals –especially if you want the car to become your own at the end of the leasing term.


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