Vauxhall Insignia: Review

Vauxhall Insignia Review

Vauxhall are known for pulling great cars out of the bag and impressing their various range of customers. Looking to finance the Vauxhall Insignia? Cheap car finance is available for a range of different cars, including the Insignia. Finance also features various bad credit car finance deals in order to make driving this car more affordable.

Performance & Drive
The Insignia is easily one of the best cars from the Vauxhall range regarding the driving experience it gives you. You can drive this car with so much ease which is perfect for cruising on those longer journeys, as travelling long distances is what the Insignia does best. This solid ride isn’t anything special but the comfortable driving position it allows, FlexRide adaptive suspension system and the lack of noise is more than enough. A range of different engines are available in order to suit everyone’s preference.

Quite obviously, the Insignia isn’t the best looking car around but it’s also far from being the worst. Its styling has a slight dash of attraction along with a more modern look, maybe because of the coupe style its designed with. The Insignia does feature quite a lengthy body but this makes it ideal for being a popular family car it is.

Cabin & Style
As expected with being a quite large build, the Vauxhall Insignia does offer quite a lot of room for you to get comfortable, apart from head room – this isn’t so generous. The Insignia is designed with a good amount of standard equipment including a DAB radio, Bluetooth and a large touchscreen as well as Apple CarPlay within the higher-spec models. The whole interior is designed with high quality plastics and leather in order to give you the classy vibe as it’s well put together and a little more exclusive. It’s well laid out dashboard aims to lessen the chance of confusion as it’s easier to navigate and its more organised and less cluttered. In regards to the storage, the boot size isn’t the best but there is additional storage space within the cabin.

Overall, this large family car is more than perfect for if you’re travelling long distances frequently, as it cruises like a professional. There are a few different models available along with a choice of engines in order to please everyone’s budgets but all in all it’s an amazing value for money. The most important things you need from a car is the practicality and reliability and of course, the Vauxhall Insignia ticks all of these boxes.


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