Vauxhall touch up paint for scratch repair

Vauxhall touch up paint for scratch repair
Once you have owned your Vauxhall car for a while it’s common to notice stone chips and road rash surface defects on your paintwork, especially around the bonnet area. Whilst larger scratches can usually be found around the door areas due to parking in public car parks or leaving your car on the roadside with pedestrians frequently passing. However you don’t need to worry our MPEX® touch up paint products provide a low cost solution, allowing you to easily repair these defects. The MPEX® touch up paint is also custom matched to your Vauxhall colour code details for accurate results and will increase the vehicle resale value whilst preventing the bodywork from rusting.




We have 3 easy to use Touch Up Paint application solutions:


The MPEX® Colour Matching System touch-up pens

Are unique and incorporate a special patented technology that has a very fine steel nib and also a brush applicator. The steel nib can be used for finer detail work such as shallow scratches whilst the brush can be used for stone-chips, deeper scratches or other small repairs. The touch up paint pen allows you to quickly remove paintwork surface scratches & chips.


The MPEX® Colour Matching System professional custom aerosol

We are the sole UK distributor of the Holts aerosol containing an innovative adjustable spray fan that provides a constant even pressure allowing larger areas to be repaired with professional results. The professional colour aerosols are ideal for spraying larger panel areas including car doors or a car bonnet. Our custom colour aerosol is perfect for conducting car bumper repairs in conjunction with the MPEX® Scratch Repair D.I.Y. kit. The specialist kit contains all the necessary materials to repair scratches, chips or dents at a fraction of the price compared to using a professional body shop. With the Danvern valve and patented EZ-Touch Fan Spray Nozzle incorporating a new Anti-Drip Technology the aerosol sprays a horizontal or vertical pattern.


The MPEX® Colour Matching System touch-up brush

With a broader brush applicator compared to the touch-up pen the product is ideal for larger stone-chips and other small touch up repairs. The automotive touch up paint is custom matched to your vehicle car manufacturer colour code details for accurate results.


Before ordering you will require the Vauxhall colour code details unique to the vehicle:




How to order
Please note when applying the touch up paint to very deep scratches you may also need to apply a very small amount of MPEX® body filler or a primer. Also on most Vauxhall car paint repairs you will require a clearcoat lacquer with all ancillary items and accessories available for purchase via the MPEX® website. If you require more information on performing a scratch repair in relation to technique and products please get in touch. Our automotive paint mixing technicians can provide professional advice, we also have step by step car scratch repair guides available on the MPEX® website with expert tips.


The MPEX® touch up paint can be ordered for your Vauxhall car via our online website or by visting one of our local stockists


Please see our diagram indicating the most common locations to find your Vauxhall colour code details. However if you are unable to find your colour code details please call your nearest Vauxhall car dealership and provide them with your vehicle registration details. They will then be able to search their manufacturer database for the correct details.






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